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Give Vegas Red a shot

Vegas Red offers something a little bit different, as you have some unusual game options in the ‘arcade game’ section. It has compelling jackpots that are won on a monthly basis and that makes for some great playing for any serious online gamers.

The Promotions are ongoing, and for depositing players there’s up to £888 available as a thank you. The tips on each page are clear and the customer service is second to none. Vegas Red Casino offers a big range of Playtech-powered card and table games, video games, arcade games (such as horse-racing simulations, darts and ten-pin bowling.

There are plenty of fixed-sum smaller jackpots each day, and you can always take a look at the winners’ page to see who’s been lucky in the past few months. It has something for everyone and i found it a good site to play on.
Vegas Red is one of the best Casinos online and i would highly recommend it.

Is online poker dead?

Well maybe it’s not “dead” but it’s defiantly not as big as it was five years ago. So what happened? My guess is with the ban on online poker i america, all american poker sites went down over night and with that almost all american players. I know Poker Stars are still open, and that they bought Full Tilt Poker. But what will bring back the players?

I just started playing at Casino Tropez

I’ve read somewhere that Casino Tropez is Europe’s largest online casino. I just had to give it a go! So I signed up yesterday, played some of the amazing slots they have and actually won 250 euro : ) So what do I think of Casino Tropez now that I have played there? I absolutely love it! Couldn’t be more pleased. I will play there again!